View Our Used Trucks and Save at Victory Ford

There's no denying that here in Dyersville, along with Farley and Worthington, IA trucks are always in demand. If you're thinking of purchasing a truck near Dubuque, but also want to save while getting quality options we have you covered at Victory Ford. There's a wide range of used trucks available in our showroom and you can take the time to view them and see what's available while also saving on your next purchase.

Our used truck lineup is dynamic and always sees different options come and go based on availability. That includes many different used Ford trucks. You'll find used F-150 trucks in the Manchester area along with used Ford Super Duty options available in a variety of sizes, model year options, mileage, features and more. You can choose lightly used options that are like-new or stalwarts that have been road tested and have plenty more left to give, highlighting the durable pedigree of Ford trucks.

It's not just limited to used Ford trucks either. We have used trucks from a variety of other brands such as used Chevy trucks, used Ram trucks and more available. Each one has been inspected and given our seal of approval at Victory Ford, and you benefit as you save on your next purchase. If you're interested in a used truck we have here in our showroom, contact us today and we can set up a time to meet and test drive it. We can also go over all the savings and details on securing a car loan and other auto financing so you get a quality affordable truck from our used truck collection in our showroom serving those in Dyersville, Farley and Worthington, IA today!