Project Mission: To provide opportunities to empower the local youth in their advancement in reading proficiency to their highest potential so that they meet grade-level standards by the end of each school year.

The Need:

The ratio of books per child in a middle-income neighborhood is 13 books and in a low-income neighborhood is 1 per 300 children.  At the start of the program last year, an average of 31% of the 3rd-grade class could not read at grade level. Children who cannot read at grade level by third grade are 13 times more likely to drop out of high school than their proficient peers.

The Project:

The Reading 4 A Reason Program was created in 2014 to enhance the local youth reading proficiency, by encouraging children to read outside of school and homework.  This free program allows families from all walks of life to participate without demographic or social barriers. A log is provided by the Foundation to every student monthly and is collected at month end to record the data for each student. The children are encouraged to read and log every night after they finished all homework. Rewards are then dispersed based on nights recorded and read.

How it Works:

Every month a student gets a new reading log. The log which is supplied by Brown's Hometown Victory Foundation will be passed out by the teachers to the class. This log with be filled out and completed by the parents.  A due date will be on the bottom of each log. The logs must then be turned into the teacher and then to the office by that day. The Foundation will log each individual student's information as well as a classroom as a whole, then report back to the school on a date and time selected by the school to reward the children. There will be incentives for students who reach certain levels. 

Reading 4 A Reason - Summer Bingo: is an extension of the reading program during the summer to aid in reducing the dreaded "summer slide."  This program encourages children to read during the summer in fun and inventive ways. 

Reading 4 A Reason - Benchmark Initiative: How it Works:

Books will be supplied by the Brown's Hometown Victory Foundation to the students who have not reached the grade level benchmark. 

These students will receive book(s) each month until the meet grade level standards. 

Use of the Iowa's Early Literacy Screener (FAST/IGDI) as well as teacher recommendation will be used to determine our "benchmark children". 

During the course of the year those students may vary after each screener test has been done. 

At the start of the school year the previous Iowa's Early Literacy Screener (Spring) will give us a starting point until the Fall test has been taken. 

Reading 4 A Reason - Bring Joy Back Initiative 

GOAL: Encourage and inspire children to find a love for reading without it being a burden. 


Children will put an X under each corresponding box for every night they read outside of school work for the pure joy of reading. The teacher at the end of the month will indicate the growth of the student that month. 

The BHV Foundation will then collect the tally sheet from the school will add up all the nights each student read. 

Books will then be rewarded to all the students who read 20 or more nights or grew at least one level that month.

Please Note that the tally sheet only consists of "school nights" - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The top class each month based on participation percentage will receive another book for the whole class! 

Dyersville Elementary - 7th Year

St. Francis Xavier - 6th Year

Hoover Elementary - 4th Year

Clayton Ridge Elementary - 2nd Year

Central Elementary - 2nd Year

Maquoketa Valley Johnston Elementary - 1st Year

Seton Elementary - 1st Year

232,766  books or chapters were read and logged.

4,873 books were awarded to students.

1,492 students in the program.

51% of the students in the program received 2 or more books  during the year.

6 Elementary Schools in 5 different cities.
McDonough Foundation - 2018, 2019
Theisen's More For Your Community - 2017, 2018, 2019