30584 Olde Hawkeye Rd.
Dyersville,IA 52040 

Foundation Overview:

Due to the overwhelming success of the current youth programs put in place a little over 5 years ago and community's desire to expand and grow those programs, the Brown's Hometown Victory Foundation became an essential step toward that growth. October of 2016 the Foundation was created, by March of 2017 we officially became a 501c3.

Our small but mighty foundation is currently serving over 1,600 local elementary children with aspirations, not only from us but from the local community to continue to expand. Our current youth programs provide opportunities for area youth to reach their highest potential in proficiency in literacy, mathematics, and child safety. 

Our Mission:

We strive to collaborate with our surrounding communities to provide opportunities in youth programs to empower children and families to reach their highest potential with the hopes of improving social and economic barriers.

Contact Us:

30584 Olde Hawkeye Rd.

Dyersville, IA 52040



Forest Brown
David Brown III
Vice President
Jason Waterman

Kaleann Waterman
Executive Director
 Nancy Burger
Accounting Director